The Club holds two internal galas each year. All swimming members are encouraged to compete.

The Horwich Winter Championships are held over two weekends in November and the Horwich Summer Sprints are held in June.

Records as at 30th June 2017

HLCASC Club Records 

Winter Championships

The Horwich Winter Championships are open to all members of the Club. There are heats and finals for all events except the Individual Medleys which are 'Heat Declared Winner'. The age groups catered for are - 8 years and under, 9/10 years, 11/12 years, 13/14 years and open age. 

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Horwich Summer Sprints

The Horwich Summer Sprints are aimed at the younger members of the club. All events are sprints - 25m for the 8 years and under, the 9 years and the 10 years age groups and 50m for the 11 years and 12 years age groups. All age groups swim a 100m individual medley. There are no finals - all events are 'Heat Declared Winner'. 

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