Do I have to be there for the whole day / weekend?

No. You’d be wise to look at the programme for the event at the same time as choosing the races you’d like to enter. You might find that your favourite events are not only in different sessions but on different days! Many of the swimmers who compete regularly will be...

How many races should I enter?

All swimmers are different and react differently to competition. Some want a gentle ease into competitions and might only enter a couple of races. Others are better suited to getting on with it and prefer to keep up the momentum by swimming 2-3 races per session....

Which races should I enter?

Usually, swimmers start with 50m races in each stroke. This tends to be followed by 100m IM, then 200m races. Check with your Team Manager/coach

Which competitions should I enter?

You won’t know how fast you are compared with swimmers from other clubs until you compete against them. If you will be at least 9yrs old on the last day of a level 3 or 4 events, then you will generally be eligible to enter. Whilst submitted entry times are required,...

What do Swim England Cat 1 and Cat 2 memberships mean?

Swimmers who want to compete in ‘Licenced’ galas or Open meets MUST be a category 2 member. Normal membership and swimmers who only compete in internal club galas or Association galas need only be a Category 1 member