Club Training Time Table – During Covid-19

Attending the pools

The guidance is still in place for the pools meaning that there are no spectators at Turton or Horwich,

  • come ready to swim,
  • name everything and make sure you don’t leave it
  • Adults must wear a mask in the reception area when paying at Horwich.
  • Come to the door when picking up your swimmer. The car parks are dark and it is more than likely to be raining!! 

Book onto sessions Here

Horwich sessions
Turton sessions

Monday – Horwich LC

Monday 7.30pm to 8:20pm – B/C Groups
Monday 8.30pm to 9.20pm – A / Masters Groups

Wednesday – Turton School

6:00pm to 6:40pm – C Group

6:45pm to 7:30pm – B, A and Masters Groups

Thursday – Turton School

7:10pm to 7:50pm – C and B Group

7:55pm to 8:35pm – A and Masters Groups

Friday – Horwich LC

7:30pm to 8:20pm – C and B Groups

7:55pm to 8:35pm – A and Masters Groups

All sessions must be pre-booked, for Turton the fee also needs to be paid upfront.  For Horwich, no payment needed upfront, still pay at reception as normal.

Just a quick reminder about entering and exiting the centres.

Turton – Please wait in your car at the start of the session until we can let you in. Then Pick up your swimmer from the door at the end of the session.

Horwich – Is a little bit easier.

Start of the session – wait in your car until we get the go ahead from centre staff that swimmers can go down. Parents can come in and pay and leave the same way masks must be warn but may be asked to stand to the side whilst swimmers come in.

End of session.- Swimmers can exit as normal up the stairs or the back fire stairs to go out through the main entrance. (do Not use the exit through the sportshall – this opens on to a dark footpath and we have been given permission to use the normal stairs)  Swimmers will be held until collected. We don’t want swimmers crossing the car park as there are no lights.

Please ask your swimmer to get changed as quickly as possible!

Thank you again for your support.

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